Ultimate Media Consult (UMC) is a multidimensional media, communication, technology, and development non-profit organisation that empowers individuals and communities through training, mentorship, content production, platform design and community engagements that promote better life through more professional and responsible journalism, communication, technologies and civic interactions.  UMC was formed by Journalism and communication professionals in 20023 to enable us to have gainful practice and training in print and electronic media; online, mobile, and all other communication related fields. UMC operates in Africa based in Uganda. UMC is an organisation of communicators who share joint interests in coming together to form a platform where skills and knowledge are applied better to offer dependable, quality multimedia communication services to the public.


We have since June 2003 been in projects that support editorial, documentation and communication improvement in content production using modern technologies to better serve audiences and engage citizens in meaningful conversations. 


UMC undertakes research to build the body of knowledge in media, communication, appropriate technologies and development practice. We undertake desk reviews, field studies and surveys, as well as trend analysis. Some of our work can be found here


We work with different organizations to produce exemplary content in written text, video, audio, graphics and photos as a way to better inform, educate and engage people with more news, information and creative communication products and services.


We know that you can change your world by changing your words, and that is why we are here to help individuals and organisations develop and implement multimedia communications, advocacy, and brand strategies that enable them to better serve those they target and ensure a more informed citizenry.

We work with different partners, including Makerere University, DW Akademie, US Mission, UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute among others to build capacity of journalists, media professionals and communication officers to undertake better modern communication in public interest. 


Having an active multi-dimensional platform for communication professionals to practice gainfully with members excelling in professionalism through a network of information gathering, access, sharing and dissemination that best fulfills society’s news, information and knowledge needs.


To create opportunities for gainful practice in the Media for communication professionals by promoting training and research in the media, technology, development and skills development practitioners to offer efficient and responsible services and products to the public.


We work in partnership with different organisations in academia, government, civil society, communities and development partners to offer value added editorial and multimedia communication services, products and training that empowers individuals and communities.

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